1.1. As orders are distributed directly from third-party vendors to clients.

If a customer is dissatisfied with any goods, he or she should first get in touch with the seller directly to request a refund or exchange.

However, the buyer will be responsible for paying all return costs; the merchant will only cover these costs if the return is being made due to a defective item or an incorrect delivery. If the customer is unhappy with the purchase, however, the customer will be responsible for paying all return costs.

The buyer releases (way forward store) and our agents and employees from any and all claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) in any way related to the disagreement and the transaction, should there be a dispute between the buyer and the merchant. 1.2. Customer's have received order button, approve order button, reject order button and appeal button on their dashboard.

And for every product a customer buys through, the money is transferred to (way forward store) account and stays there until the customer approve the transaction and the platform pays the seller for the product they purchased.

Hence, the buyer must click the received order button and has 24 hours to approve or reject the order before the merchant or delivery person releases the purchased products to the buyer. When a customer clicks the button indicating that an order has been received, 24 hours begin to count. If this time has passed and the customer has not clicked the buttons indicating that the order should be rejected or approved, (way forward store) will release the customer's payment for the goods to the merchant with whom he or she transacted, ending the transaction.

Seller's have received returned item button, reject returned item button, refund button and appeal button on their dashboard.

Therefore, the seller must click on the received returned item button before the customer or delivery person releases the returned goods to the seller. The seller then has 24 hours to click on the refund or reject returned item buttons after clicking the received returned item button. If the seller doesn't click on either button within that time frame, the platform will refund the buyer and close the deal/ order

Therefore, the purchaser will not receive their full payment. For each and every transaction that occurs on, (way forward store) takes/costs a specific sum, and the charges are non-refundable.